Can new electric vehicles solve city traffic problems?

Can new electric vehicles, like trains on asphalt, solve the traffic problems of city centers? European scientists are working on a new scientific project to find a solution to the problem. The project aims to promote the use of shared electric cars in cities and suburbs.

The goal is to ensure that public transport is not very common, and that those who use the car can access public transport. The system that allows the automobile to connect to each other aims to facilitate the distribution of these vehicles in the region and to balance supply and demand.

Can new electric vehicles solve city traffic problems?

Valery Cervantes, project coordinator, explains the difference between the latest technology electric cars and the previous models:

“The service operator can take these vehicles to the area where they are needed. Because the vehicles are connected, we can move up to 8 vehicles at a time.”

The mechanically interconnected vehicle system has similar features to the train system. The main challenge here is to prevent the vehicles from wobbling. In this way, all vehicles can be charged from a single charging station.

According to Markus Heinich, automotive engineer, the innovation of this system is common signals, ie command controls. . The vehicles are able to transfer command to each other and the batteries are charged in a balanced way, ater explains Heinich.

Is there a solution for cities?

However, it is quite complex to say that the 8 vehicles are interconnected and act together, for the project’s researcher Julien Dauchy:

“Every vehicle has 2 engines: one in front and one in the rear. This means that when we connect 8 vehicles together, there are 16 engines that we need to control, so we have a very complex algorithm for controlling all these engines at the same time. we need to develop the system. “

Computer engineers are working to develop models to calculate distances, pedestrians, people living in the suburbs, travel habits and waiting times, and to calculate the costs of these vehicles.

Drives of electric vehicles allow them to travel 50 km. Manufacturers expect an average of 10 minutes each. Vehicles can speed up to 65 kilometers per hour. The project is in trial in France, Spain and the UK.