Are you tangled in a web of file transfer frustrations?

Imagine this: You’re racing against the clock, trying to upload an important file, but it feels like you’re stuck in a digital traffic jam. Worse yet, what if every attempt to send that file crashes like a failed rocket launch?

File Upload makes unhappy?

File upload makes unhappy?

Don’t surrender to despair just yet. It might just be a hiccup on your side, blocking our uploader from smoothly reading your data’s lifeline. But fret not! We’ve assembled a toolkit of techniques and tricks to turbocharge your upload dilemma:

Here are some tips

First things first—the timeless turn-off-and-turn-back-on tactic. Have you given it a whirl? A fresh reboot of your browser, computer, and router can work wonders, frequently fixing your upload hiccups faster than any other fix in the book.

Next up, gauge your upload speed. Web warriors can embark on a speed test adventure at sites like For a seamless SendGB experience, we recommend gearing up with a minimum upload speed of 5 Mbps.

Double-check that your files aren’t being held hostage elsewhere on your device, or held open—perhaps by an undercover background app or stashed in an iCloud vault. Also, contemplate crafting a .zip folder fortress. Zipping your files into one bundle makes for a streamlined upload sortie.

Ensure that you’re navigating with the latest iteration of your browser or, better yet, test the waters with a completely different browser.

Temporarily disable your antivirus or firewall to see if they’ve become overzealous gatekeepers.

For home warriors tethered to your organization’s network through a VPN portal, try disengaging that VPN or commissioning your IT squad or network commander to survey the situation. File transfers can sometimes stumble over a company VPN when you’re in remote operations mode.

Browser extensions or add-ons like ad blockers or script stoppers could be suspects in a slowdown crime scene. Put them through a lineup by attempting the upload with your browser cloaked in Incognito or Private browsing mode, or after all extensions have been benched.

If your files are bunkered on an external hard drive, USB stick, or cloud folder, marching them to your local drive pre-upload may boost your upload campaign. And ensure they’re not in use or open by other aspiring applications or programs in the background.

If all strategies fail and you’re in a dash to dispatch your transfer, consider switching to another browser or a different network, like a mobile device’s 4/5G connection.

At SendGB, we stand as sentinels, serving thousands of users across the globe. We’ve pledged to keep our file transfer service swift, simple, and subscription-free—up to 5 GB, no member tag required. Because when it comes to file transferring, we believe in freeing you from the web of worry and waiting.