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Uploading files to computers is carried out through the system. In the past, file downloads were provided from a disc or CD. Now, with the introduction of the Cloud system and the advancement of technology, file upload and download is easily provided via our internet address, SendGB.com. Upload file with SendGB easy and free.

Upload file
SendGB file upload

Why File Upload Is Performed?

Upload file is used especially in business life to easily transfer a file prepared to another user.

In addition to business life, it is frequently used in daily life to be open to sharing a video, music, photo, or a game, in order to be easily transmitted to the other user.

How to Upload File?

It is possible to download files free of charge via our internet website SendGB.com. In order to perform the file upload process, it will be possible to easily perform the file transfer process by visiting the SendGB site.

What are the Points to Consider in the File Transfer Process?

It is very important that the computer has enough storage space while the file is being uploaded.

External disk or D drive with partitioned memory of the computer will act as an important savior in this sense.

After uploading or transferring files between users, there is a free storage period of up to 90 days.

With the SendGB Extend feature, it is possible to store the file uploaded without a member for up to 1 year.

What is the Cost of SendGB?

File transfer is completely free with SendGB up to 5GB. Users can upload files up to 5 GB easily and quickly without being a member. However, if the size of the file to be uploaded is over 5 GB, it is possible to upload files up to 20 GB at once with SendGB Exceed without being a member.

What are File Upload Features?

All kinds of files can be uploaded with SendGB. The file format is not important.
After the files are uploaded, they are encrypted on SendGB’s servers in Europe. Files are automatically deleted when the time comes.
With SendGB, files can be uploaded at speeds up to 500 Mbps. SendGB is ahead of its competitors with its speed.

How is File Security Provided?

SendGB stores the files of its users in Europe’s most reliable data center.

What are the Advantages of Being a Member?

SendGB is a free file transfer service. However, with SendGB Extra, users can transfer 20 GB of files at once and have 1 TB of file storage as a member.