Is Yandex Hacked with Cyber Attack?

The Russian search engine Yandex was the target of a cyber attack by hackers working in Western intelligence agencies last year.

According to Reuters, hackers have access to accounts of users of the Russian search engine with a malware called “Reign”

Although cyber attacks against Western organizations and governments have shown great interest in the media, similar attacks on Russia are rarely shared or discussed with the public.

Cyber Attack to Yandex
Cyber Attack to Yandex

The attack took place between October and November 2018. Hackers accessed the company’s systems for at least a few weeks before the vulnerability was detected.

However, the purpose of this attack on Yandex is not to disrupt the company’s business or to steal intellectual property, it is said to be a spy operation.

Yandex made a statement

After the news of the cyber attack, the Russian company made a press release, the press statement said that the company’s data is not affected.

Yandex made a brief statement with the press release.

Cyber attacks are a common occurrence throughout the world. This particular attack was detected at an early stage by the Yandex security team. It was fully neutralized before any damage to Yandex customers’ data was done. At this point in time we are not disclosing any further details about the attack. The Yandex security team’s response ensured that no user data was compromised by the attack. Ensuring the security of user data is of critical importance to us. Following the attempted attack, we took the necessary measures to ensure that we would not be susceptible to such an attack in the future.  We continue to employ all relevant cyber defense tools and also cooperate with leading third-party experts and providers to protect our users’ privacy.”

Yandex knows as Russian Google. It goes into many fields that Google enters. The company’s search engine world market share is 0.51%, according to May 2019 data. In Turkey, of 0.15%.

Yandex has recently joined the Cloud business, including Amazon, Microsoft and Google. The Russian company’s e-mail service is blocked by some American companies.

Russian search engine had its voice heard in Turkey, especially with his collaboration with Fenerbahce Sports Club.