File Transfer: SendGB

We’re working to make sharing large files easier. Every day, SendGB is making improvements for file transfer. Our goal is to provide you faster, easier file sharing service.

We have renewed our infrastructure that we have been using for a long time. We moved our servers to a new platform. We chose more powerful, faster servers. We’ve strengthened our file storage. We switched to a new storage system to ensure that files are stored safely.

In doing so, we increased the limit of sending files from 4GB to 5GB. For longer storage of files, we have provided the possibility to store up to 250MB of files for 90 days.

SendGB File Transfer

Unlimited File Transfer

We offer unlimited file upload and download opportunities compared to our competitors. We do not limit you to file sharing. Usually file transfer sites put limitation for free users. File upload and download speed is slow. The aim is to allocate resources to paid users. However, as SendGB, we do not discriminate among our users. We offer all our facilities to our users free of charge.

As SendGB, we continue to support social responsibility institutions while offering you the best in sending large files.

We use our broad background to promote social responsibility institutions.

We would like to share our current features with you.

  • Up to 5GB of file sharing to 20 people at the same time
  • Sending files by email or link
  • Send 500 files simultaneously
  • Unlimited file uploads and downloads.
  • Storing files from 1 to 90 days
  • Fast file transfer without membership
  • Encrypted sharing if requested
  • Automatic deletion of files after downloading if selected.

Please write us your suggestions. We need your support to serve you better.