SendGB is best alternative for Gofile

You want to upload files. You have too many files to send by email. There are many solutions for this. Are you using file-sharing platform Gofile, one of these solutions? We have a great suggestion for you!

SendGB is best way for upload file against Gofile

When an oversized file is wanted to be sent to someone by e-mail, it may be frustrating for the mail server to say that the file to be sent is too large. For example, systems that offer mail services such as Gmail or Yahoo have a 25 MB limit on file attachments. Fortunately, there are different methods of sending large files on the internet. helps you with this.

Gofile is anonymous service. Do you think that it’s secure service?

What is a Gofile?

It is a service where the owner of the gofile is not known. Used for file sharing, but it is not clear who it belongs to. Care must be taken when using it for sensitive file sharing. Gofile’s servers location is unknown. Gofile does not give its full address.

SendGB is an online file sharing service, has file security through passwords when others want to download files, or set the self-destruct mode. You can keep files up to 1 year without registration.

  • 500 files transfer to 20 people at the same time up to 5 GB,
  • Files can be stored for free for up to 90 days,
  • Storing files up to 5 GB for 1 year with SendGB Extend (No need sign up)
  • Automatic deletion of files after downloading, if selected,
  • Password protection for each submission if requested without being a member,
  • No speed restrictions when uploading and downloading files,
  • There is no limit for downloading files,
  • Ability to send big files from mobile devices without mobile application,
  • Best alternative for Gofile
  • Servers in Europe

We welcome you to SendGB for fast, easy and free file transfer. You will be satisfied. You will experience the difference to upload files with Europe’s secure servers. if you need file sharing service like Gofile you should try SendGB for fast and easy file sharing.