Which Free File Transfer Service?

You can have many alternatives for free file transfer. Many file transfer services can meet your needs. So which is the most suitable file transfer service for you? We will give you some tips to find the answer to that. These tips will give you an idea for the correct transfer service. You can easily transfer files by choosing the service that best meets your needs.

Which file transfer service?

Size in file transfer

First of all, you need to determine your needs well for the file transfer you need. Is file size, speed, unlimited download or security important to you? Which one is more prominent in the file transfer service you choose. It is necessary to detect this. For many people, file size is an important selection parameter. People transfer files to send files that are too large to send by email. Your file size can be either 1GB or 5GB… In this case, how much file transfer will you choose to determine the maximum amount of file transfer you need to determine this.

Does speed matter?

Another parameter is speed…. If you want to share large files. Speed ​​can be important to you. Sharing a large file up to 5GB will take time. If time is important for you, you do not want to wait a long time to upload files. If your internet speed allows, the upload and download speed of the file sharing service you will use should be high. Time is important to you and you can’t tolerate wasting time uploading and downloading files.

Many file transfers limit upload and download speeds. Of course, although they have good reasons to do this, most have to do it for their narrow bandwidth capacities. They want many users to benefit from their services by providing low speed. If they want to provide high speed, they have to invest for it.

Security in file sharing

Another important parameter is security. How safe is your files when transferring files? You need to know where your shares are stored and how long they are stored. Some file transfer services are sensitive in this regard. Some services are not clear enough in this regard and do not share the necessary information with their users.

You need to know where the file transfer service you choose stores your files.

As SendGB, we pay attention to high capacity file sharing, high upload and download speed and of course security. We try to provide the best service to our users on these issues.

Here are some features of SendGB that distinguish us from our other competitors:

  • Sending files up to 5GB free without membership,
  • Sending files to 20 people at the same time,
  • Unlimited downloads,
  • Free storage of files between 1 and 90 days,
  • Setting a password for each free file transfer, if selected,
  • Ability to store files for up to 1 year with SendGB Extend feature
  • Possibility to upload and download files up to 300 mbps.

Some of the features of SendGB that you read above. You can also try SendGB for fast, secure and free file sharing.