File Transfer for working at Home

Because of Covid-19, many people have virtually reinvented working from home, or some have met working from home. In fact, a computer and the internet are sufficient for working from home today. Many applications offer great opportunities for working from home. We can also do what we can do with the computer in the office by working from home. Moreover, this can save us time. The application you need at home is file transfer.

SendGB is the best file sharing service for working at home

Many applications in our business life make our lives easier. There is no harm in using these applications at home! We can work from home or remotely, without forgetting about the security issue we need to pay attention to.

File Transfer is Indispensable

There are also file transfer applications among many applications that we use while working from home. We can share files that are too large to be shared by email with file transfer services. Moreover, it is often not possible to share some file types via email. However, file transfer services enable us to share all kinds of files.

Secure File Sharing Service

SendGB will help you with the file transfer you need while working from home. You can share your files up to 5GB quickly and easily without being a member, and for free. Undoubtedly, speed matters to you. SendGB offers you an advantage in this regard.

SendGB keeps its servers in France in Europe. France is one of the countries with the best internet infrastructure. Many datacenter are located in France. As SendGB, we also serve you from the datacenter, which has the best infrastructure in Europe.

SendGB is a European company. Our center is in Estonia… As SendGB, we are one of the most important startups of Estonia.

SendGB has many users from different parts of the world. Employees in big companies around the world prefer SendGB while working in their offices and at home.

You can safely use SendGB to share files while working from home. You can easily share all kinds of files. Remember we don’t have a boring membership procedure. You can store your files for up to 90 days.

SendGB comes to mind when it comes to file transfer for people who work from home. SendGB provides service in 13 languages ​​with its easy interface. It gives support to its users within 12 hours.

As SendGB, we are constantly working to improve ourselves and we want to give you the best experience for file transfer. We offer our new features to our users.

Trying SendGB right now, you can have the best file transfer experience while working at home or at the office.