Large File Sharing

Sending large files is not a problem! Large files can be sent easily!

SendGB the best solution to share large files!

Sometimes sending files by email is the easiest way. However, if you have a file that you cannot send by email, you should find another solution! If the file you want to share exceeds 10MB, you may not be able to share it by email.

SendGB is a great way for sending large files

Email services serve a certain quota. The email size you can receive or send is limited. The purpose of this limit is to prevent files from slowing or blocking mail traffic with high size. They also maintain the rapid depletion of quotas for individual users.

Need to send very large file?

If you want to send a 2GB file to contact by email, the performance of the email service is affected. This can cause serious problems because there are thousands of users. You may also have filled the recipients’ email quota unnecessarily.

That is why the best way to share files that cannot be sent by email is through file transfer sites. has been serving as a multilingual company since 2015 to meet all your needs.

As of 2019, SendGB is able to share up to 5GB of files easily and free.

You can transfer files as a link or send a large file.

We are waiting for you to send you the most ways to send large files as SendGB

Here are some tips that will help you when you send files with SendGB

Up to 5GB of files can be shared.

It is completely free.

File upload and download are fast.

There is no need to be a member.

A password can be set for each transmission if requested.

Files are automatically deleted from the servers after 1-90 days.

When the files are downloaded by the other party, you will receive an automatic notification email.

If you want to share files you do not download the opposite party can be deleted automatically.