How to make a good presentation

What to do in the good presentation

Human life exists in a society. We are always in contact with people in this society with good presentation.

We are always faced with a communication, a presentation, while talking, writing, looking.

Even when choosing the restaurant, we pay attention to the service of the waiters. The waiter’s appearance, his mastery at work and his attitude towards the customer are first-class when we choose that restaurant. Meals can be very nice and good quality; but the person offering it does not offer it as required; If the face sells vinegar, although the quality of the food, never choose it again.

Our teachers use cd, vcd, overhead projector, slide, internet, computer in the courses; they make a better understanding of our lesson if they strive to offer the lesson better.

As a result, we need to know the subject of presentation in every corner of our lives and use them in the most effective way.

Important Points for Good presentation

Refreshing information, reinforcing, reminding, highlighting important points; explaining the result of a study; presenting laboratory research, expressing survey results; The speeches made to express important events and facts are called presentations.

Purpose of presentation; renewal, research and evaluation of the results of the survey, contribute to science. In the presentations, the audience consists of people who are interested in the subject and care is given to take advantage of the technical facilities in the presentation.

Good presentation
Good presentation

Things to do before Good presentation

The presenter should pay attention to some points before the presentation.

  • First of all a topic should be selected. This topic should be current.
  • It is useful to use abundant and different sources in preparation of the presentation.
  • The place of presentation must be seen beforehand.
  • Proofing, the control of the materials to be used will be useful for the presenter to achieve its purpose.

What to do during the Good presentation

During the presentation, a serious, dignified, clean and neat appearance is important.

  • The person who will make a presentation should pay attention to the tone of voice, gestures and gestures, to use the stage or the podium comfortably.
  • It is more effective for the speaker to communicate with the audience, especially in the eyes, with the body language.
  • Speaker voice and words need to pay attention to the correct pronunciation.
  • In the presentation, we can use technological tools such as computer, cd, floppy disk, projection device, slide machines, microphone.
  • We shouldn’t forget that visual material will add interest and taste to your conversation as much as joke.
  • What is the purpose of use of visual material?
  • For the audience to perceive the information well,
  • Ideas, concepts, etc. to save time,
  • To avoid misunderstandings,
  • To consolidate ideas,
  • To add taste and humor.
  • A well-prepared visual material is successful when the speaker uses the subject nicely and harmoniously. Otherwise, visual tools may distract the listener. You should use other speakers rather than using visual materials, if your conversation requires visual material.

Use Images for Good presentation

Figures are difficult to understand when they are told. They are more easily understood when they are exhibited visually.

Speaking; 55% image, 38% sound, 7% say the effect of the slide is better here because the words are effective. Therefore, during the presentation, the slides should contain concise, clear and effective expressions indicating the important aspects of the subject. The audience read the slide texts carefully. Conversation with slides should be given simultaneously.

  • In the presentation, some previously prepared documents, graphs and figures can be used as needed.
    If the materials are to be used by another person, the harmony between the speaker and the person using the materials is inevitable.
  • No unnecessary details should be entered in the presentation.

What should be considered for a good presentation?

1- Briefly introduce yourself to the community before the presentation. Where you read it, where you started it, how you are interested, etc. This allows you to establish a connection with the community, a communication channel opens automatically. Seminars organized by academically air-conditioned people often appoint a chairperson, and she introduces you briefly, but if you don’t have one, you should. Don’t neglect. Anyone coming to the presentation do you think they know you? (Do not exceed 1-2 sentences for presentations less than 20min)

2- Before the presentation, but surely the spectator rehearsal! No matter who they are, they just listen to you. This allows you to master the subject, the order of the slides, and how long you spend.
After a rehearsal, you will be amazed at how your performance increases.

3- Never copy-paste all the words you say in the presentation and read them one by one! An example should be writing only the main lines on a slide. Do not humiliate yourself by filling the slide with text and reading them one by one. Here is a foreign site used in the “do not use your presentation file as teleprompter Do not use” I think it’s okay to take this blog message already long if I copy-and-paste on a single slide and face to the screen and read the word by reading the text would be like? Do not make such a mistake.

4- Who will come to the presentation? What are the levels of knowledge? Adjust the dosage of the presentation according to these parameters, do not indulge the nation, do not disgrace your labor What you do not want to present because you are enthusiastically connected to what you do, but believe that the listeners may not be ready for this and overdose.

5- Appearance is not very important, but be careful not to wear anything grin. Avoid catastrophes such as the hair of a uniform, a shirt with open golden sleeves and a shirt, do not start with 2-0. Do not think that you’re a type of enthusiasts, antipathy.

Slide Numbers for Good presentation

6- Number the slides, provide information to the audience, showing both the current slide number and the total number, such as 21/45. In this way, they should be able to predict how long they should be patient. The presentation software does this automatically.

7- Please do not use funny clips like MS Office’s Paperclip character. They’ve already passed. Do not use comic fonts like Comic Sans. Remove graphic elements from the presentation with a lack of aesthetics.
Avoid flickering graphics and extreme page animations. Take care of the background color and the color of the text that you overwrite, and if you can’t do it, write black on white.

8- Do not use very small fonts! Quiet! If you want to display the code content and so on, use a software that has zoom feature so that most people can read the text.

Plan your good presentation time well

9- Presentation time: 15-20 min is the ideal time. 20 slides on a non-deep subject can be presented as if you had rehearsed in this time. But what if we are telling a detailed topic and the session organizers have given us time? Do not exceed 45 minutes. In fact, they can only focus on you for a maximum of 20 minutes. Of course, there are some exceptions and with some tactics you can make them listen for 1-2 hours without being bored:

  • A humorous narrative, raising a subject that is independent of the slide
  • Simple analogy and examples selected from everyday life to ensure a good understanding of the subject content.
  • Slides with multimedia, photos, illustrations (such as short journeys of bus trips to the film). Aman ha; Avoid audio videos.
  • Demonstrate practical applications of what you are saying. For example, if you’re narrating AJAX and the phrase is extended, you can exit the presentation and contact your browser to show a real application
  • Make a mistake. For example, if you offer a code, let it not run at the first time. In this way, the followers will focus on you again and try to search for your mistake with you.
  • Two-way “full duplex” communication. Let your audience excite the audience in the presentation, even though the subject you are talking about is interesting and sleep abductors. They can ask questions wherever they want (but ask the questioners who will take the time, say that you will give the answer later).
  • Look at the eyes of those who come to watch. Ask them questions.

Questions Time for Good presentation

10) Avoid giving a presentation on a subject that you do not fully judge. Do not answer the questions you can not answer and add to your presentation. And don’t talk like the tale tells with the slow tempo, speak lively and fast.

  • At the very beginning of the presentation, you should put a copy of the presentation on the internet. If this is a content that you cannot put on the Internet, specify this.
  • Keep materials, tables and graphics relevant to your work at hand. Someone asks, you need it, you need to put it in a recall or you come to the word.
  • Present the route and the main headings in the presentation with the heading “contents” in one of the first slides.
  • Record your presentation so you can see where you are making mistakes and where you can correct your conversation; an mp3 player is enough.
  • Clean your desktop and flash drive before presentation; Make sure that you do not type “Ali Baba” in the Licensed user window on the Splash screen.
  • When you see a “beginner” who makes a presentation to an audience for the first time, support him, facilitate his job. If he has errors after the presentation, whisper to him in private.
  • Get the beautiful presentations of the job from the internet and take lessons. Pay attention to the fonts, images, and the structure of the slides that professional firms (such as Nokia, Novell, etc.) or the work person of the work, pull the presentation slides from the internet again.

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