We send it as SendGB

You have large files to share. However, you cannot share them by email. No problem. SendGB.com helps you! We send it as SendGB

File sharing services can help if some files are too large to be emailed. Whether it’s a large video file or hundreds of image files …. It’s important to you to find the right file transfer site.

File transfer has become more and more common in our lives. As a business employee, when faced with file transfer, you need to choose some file transfer tools and file transfer software to meet the needs of large file transfer.

Unraveling how to send large files via email will be the greatest achievement of this digital age. Some people are still not well versed in sharing files using email. Maybe you will think the solution will be expensive, it must be pretty high tech after all. But actually there is no need to spend any money.

For example, you have hundreds of pictures to send to your colleague. Their size is 1GB… No problem… We send it as SendGB.com

SendGB helps you to send files up to 5GB. You can easily transfer files without a member.

File transfer. We send it as SendGB
File transfer. We send it as SendGB

Security is also important for sending large files. You should be aware of how you send your files as well as which service you send.

We send it with security

SendGB stores the files in datacenter in France. France is one of the most successful countries in terms of datacenter. SendGB makes the best effort to ensure that the files you share are safe. So all your files are stored encrypted. Even Datacenter staff cannot access your files. One of the features that make SendGB different is security. Your files are stored in datacenters with ISO 27001, ISO 50001 and HDS certificates.

Also you can add password protection to every transfer to enjoy enhanced security.

We send it fast

We share files fast as SendGB. If speed is important, then you have another reason to choose SendGB. You can share files up to 5GB with SendGB without a speed limit. Moreover, SendGB does not have a download limit. Files you share can be downloaded unlimitedly.

Unlimited Upload and Download

You can make unlimited transfers per day. No transfer limit with SendGB. Your files will be stored on the server for a time frame of 1-90 days. For data privacy reasons, data that is subject to expiration will be deleted automatically. Once a file has expired, it is automatically removed from our servers.