Swiss Transfer is really swisstransfer?

In today’s technology, file sharing is one of the most needed services. File sharing is also an important requirement, especially with the improvement in the quality of the pictures and videos. We have to share files with loved ones, friends or work during the day. Sharing beautiful holiday memories and sending videos taken for business to our manager is a must. So what is the file sharing that we encounter very much and how is it done? What should we pay attention to? In this article we will discuss some tips you need to pay attention to. But especially the swiss transfer

Swiss Transfer
Swiss Transfer

Safety first

The first issue to consider for file sharing is security. You need to make sure that the files you share are stored on trusted servers. Only content that you want can have access to your own content.

Large file submission sites can be the greatest convenience for you. But you should check your reliability. A little research will do you about the site on Google will give you insight.

However, you should be aware of the servers on which your files are stored. Although this issue is actually overlooked, it is very important. For example, is the datacenter where your files are kept secure? Is there enough certification? Therefore, it is useful to check where the servers of the site you use for file transfer are located.
Some sites in particular say that they are in Switzerland. Is it enough for security to be in Switzerland? Of course not! To whom you entrust your files stored in a datacenter in Switzerland. Swiss transfer should not mean keeping files in Switzerland.

Speed of Sending Large Files

Speed is a concept that everybody wants today. We expect all our demands against time to be resolved quickly. When transferring large files, sharing files over 1GB can sometimes be annoying. That’s why it’s important that the site you use for file transfer is fast.

Swiss transfer does not mean the best file transfer.
If you need speed and security, we recommend you to try

SendGB’s features:

  • File transfer up to 5 GB for free without sign up
  • 500 files transfer to 20 people at the same time up to 5 GB,
  • Files can be stored for free for up to 90 days,
  • Storing files for 1 year with SendGB Extend (No need sign up)
  • File transfer up to 20GB without sign up!
  • Automatic deletion of files after downloading, if selected,
  • Password protection for each submission if requested without being a member,
  • No speed restrictions when uploading and downloading files,
  • There is no limit for downloading files,
  • Ability to send big files from mobile devices without mobile application,

You will see by testing different. SendGB offers you the best conditions for security, while providing your fast and free transfer, which is your main goal.