Wetransfer Security Problem

Did you send any files on 16 and 17 June using WeTransfer?

If yes, the files you uploaded may have been downloaded by many unrelated people.

The Dutch-based file transfer service Wetransfer admitted that some of the file transfers on June 16-17 were sent to the wrong people. The company shared a brief with its users.

Wetransfer users can share files up to 2GB via email. It writes the email address of the recipient who wants to send the file. However, it was found that the file shares made on June 16-17 were delivered to others instead of real recipients. Wetransfer had to make an official statement on June 21 on user complaints.

Wetransfer Security Problem
Wetransfer Security Problem

Unfortunately, the short description of WeTransfer raises more questions in our minds. How many users were affected and how many people shared their files? Is this a bug or the result of a malicious attack?

And perhaps most critically, what measures will be taken to prevent similar problems from happening again in the future?

Wetransfer, which has about 100 employees and is used for the transfer of many critical files, should clearly explain to its users what to do for similar situations.

Secure File Transfer

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