Wetransfer Free Alternative

You have large files to share. You cannot send by email. You are using wetransfer to transfer your files. But the Wetransfer free alternative you’re looking for. This article will help you to send large files fast, easy and free.

What is the file size you need to share? 1GB, 2GB or 4GB? Sit back, no problem. There is an easy and fast solution.

Wetransfer Free Alternative
Wetransfer Free Alternative

Let’s see what you can do with Wetransfer.

You can share files up to 2GB. If you want to share more, you need to pay 12 USD per month or 120 USD per year. Good money!

But you don’t want to pay money. All you want is Wetransfer free alternative. Many HD file sizes are already over 2GB. So you need an alternative where you can send larger files.

We’d like to tell you about SendGB. SendGB is a great Wetransfer free alternative

What can you do with SendGB?

SendGB is a service that allows you to share up to 5GB of files in 13 different languages.

You can share all kinds of files easily, fast and free. Moreover, file sharing speed can fascinate you. Your files are stored for 7 days and deleted automatically. If you want, you can set a password for each share without a member. Even better, your files can be deleted automatically when downloaded by the recipient. Thus, your files are not stored for 1-90 days if you want. SendGB keeps your files on servers in Europe. The datacenter laws in Europe always protect users. So many people prefer to keep their data in Europe. If you are looking for Wetransfer free, SendGB is the right big file sharing service.

All you have to do is to share large files with SendGB. Thus, you can see the difference of SendGB in person.

For more information about SendGB, please click here.

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