Job offers from Estonia

A small Baltic Republic with a population of 1.3 million is building the society of the future with its breakthroughs in the internet world.

Job offers from Great Country

After gaining its independence from Russia, Estonia, which has not been a source of income from a few out-of-date industrial plants and paper production, has moved to the internet since 2000 and found its salvation in the digital world.

Here’s the point:

  • There is free wifi app for the locals in a very large part of the country.
  • From tax declaration to election, everything goes online and electronically. Since 2007, Estonian voters have voted online, no matter what corner of the world they are.
  • Since 2000, the government and parliament have not used paper. All activities continue with the electronic recording system.
  • There is no paper in the health system and prescription writing.
  • According to the plans, cash will be removed in 2020.
  • In schools, children are taught computer and programming courses from the age of 7.
  • And it is the only country in the constitution where „the Internet is a right of citizenship to be paid free”.
  • Achieve career goals faster than in other global hubs
    (Velvet Labs survey among expats in Estonia)
  • 3,700 Estonian ICT companies hiring
    (Work in Estonia)
  • Europe’s #1 entrepreneurial country
    (World Economic Forum)
  • #3 in Europe in number of startups per capita
    (Funderbeam Start up Investment Report)
  • Mentoring programs made available by employers

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