Send Large File

Sharing large files can sometimes be a worry. Sending large files that cannot be shared with email is not a problem. You need a reliable service. Don’t worry, SendGB helps you to send large file.

You have hundreds of pictures to send Or you made a video and you need to share it. We know that you can’t share this by email.
You need to find a quick, easy way. That’s why we have SendGB.

Send Large File
Send Large File

Send Big File No Pain

SendGB makes your work easier. You just select the files you want to send. You can share any file up to 5GB.

Send Large Files via Email or as a download link

If you want to send your files by email, you can write email addresses of the recipients. You can easily share the same file to 20 people at the same time. The type of file you send will not matter.
If you want to share your file with thousands of people, all you have to do is create a download link.

Your files are deleted automatically after 7 days

SendGB is not interested in the content of your files. The files you upload are automatically deleted after 1-90 days. Moreover, SendGB keeps all user files in datacenter in Paris, France. Europe’s importance to the data is an issue that everyone knows.

File Hosting in Secure

Many service user files used for file transfer are stored on non-European servers. According to American law, these files can be accessed without a court order. Does this give you confidence?

If you need file hosting service, you can easily try SendGB. Send a large file will see how easy it is.

Users of many countries in the world, moreover, the user files are stored in Europe. You’ll feel good with SendGB, a file transfer service that serves 13 languages.