Transfer Big Files

Which service do you use to transfer big files?
We have a good suggestion for you. Different services are used to transfer files that are too large to send from time to time by email. There are some features that distinguish these services. But the most important is security.

The file transfer service you use must be secure. Today, the most critical issue is security and you can entrust your files to a secure service.

Transfer Big Files as Secure

Imagine how to share your most special moments, correspondence with an ordinary file transfer site?

So how do you know how secure a large file transfer site is?

Transfer Big Files
Transfer Big Files

Good question! First check how long the file transfer site you’ve been using has survived?
You can do this immediately with domain control. Domain control sites help you with this.

Perhaps the most important thing is that the large file sharing site that you prefer is what keeps the files in the country.

You can think of why it is important in which country the files are kept.
Let’s explain now.

Every country has laws. According to these laws, the Internet is being controlled and sometimes interfered.
In the United States, for example, the FBI can control and control any datacenter without a court decision.

However, the situation in Europe is different. Under the laws of the European Union no one can access your content without a court order.

This is a situation you should worry about for security. That’s why transfer big files is not as ordinary as you think.

We can offer you SendGB for transfer big files, which has been in use since 2015.

It is easy, fast and free to share large files with service in 13 different languages.

There are many features that make SendGB different from other similar sites. But the most important feature for secure file transfer is that the servers are in France.

Furthermore, your SendGB files can be deleted automatically when downloaded by the recipient.

You can test SendGB immediately for transfer big files up to 5GB. It will meet your needs for file sharing.