Is Transfernow Safe?

There are many sites for file transfer. File transfer sites are indispensable tools, especially for sending large files. But how safe are the preferred file transfer services? Who owns these services? Where are the files stored? Here we ask these questions for many file transfer services. Transfernow site is one of them.

Transferring big files securely has become a daily requirement for many people. People are looking for simple ways to share photos and videos with family and friends.

Transfernow or SendGB

SendGB is the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to file transfer. Developed in Europe, SendGB provides service in 12 languages. It has users from many countries of the world. With SendGB, it is possible to share any file up to 5 GB without signing up. Completely free for file transfer up to 5GB.

SendGB is very different from Transfernow with many features. While Transfernow has a crowded interface, SendGB has a simpler and easier interface. SendGB’s goal is to be the global leader in file transfer.

SendGB or Transfernow?

Here are the key features that make SendGB different from Transfernow:

  • Free file transfer up to 5GB at a time with SendGB.
  • Easy file sharing without membership.
  • Unlimited file downloads
  • Easy interface
  • Fast file upload and download
  • Possibility to transfer files up to 20 GB without being a member with SendGB Exceed. (Only 1.99 Euros)
  • Possibility to store files for up to 1 year without being a member with SendGB Extend (Only 1.99 Euros)
  • Up to 20 GB file transfer at a time and 1 TB storage with SendGB Extra.
  • SendGB is Estonia based.
  • Service in 12 languages.
  • Files are stored on servers in Europe.
  • User from many countries of the world
  • Support from SendGB to social responsibility institutions

How Transfernow Works?

Follow steps to use Transfernow for file transfer

  1. Select files
  2. Write sender email
  3. Select file share type (email or link)
  4. Write receiver email
  5. Click send button to share files

So, compared to SendGB and Transfernow sites, so SendGB draws attention with its many features. You can also choose SendGB for any kind of file transfer. See the difference by transferring files right now.